Ti amo, bella Venezia!

Ti amo, bella Venezia!

Venice-what a wonderful city! I really love italian cities anyway, because of the italian flair, but Venice is different, it’s indefinable and that’s the thing I love. At first I thought the tourists would be a really big disadvantage but it wasn’t such a big problem for me. I wasn’t watching all the sights because iI don’t do that in all cities. I want to see the real life. For me it was important to watch the Piazza San Marco and the Ponte di Rialto, the two landmarks of Venice. I also did a boat tour with a vaporetto, that’s a water taxi, around the island. That was really interesting. And I loved it to walk through the little streets and to see all the hidden prettyness of this fantastic old city. Venice is very expensive but mostly you can get the things you want for only the half of the original price, if you are just nice and saying please.
When I was in Venice it was a really hot day, so I ddn’t wear anything elegant as I originally wanted. Just aprintshirt and a 60sFlair hotpant paired with comfortable and simple blue sandals.



For me camping is more than a kind of holiday, it’s more, it’s a lifestyle. This year I was passing a week with a fife-person tent and some friends in Italy, what a gantastic time! So, I want to say Camping is a feeling and it’s completly different to a holiday in a hotel. You help eachother by cooking building the tent,… and that is just great.                                                                                                                                                                  I am very sorry that this is the first post after a really long time but I was on holiday. So, the next times I think there won’t be many fashion post, there will be Travelogues instead 🙂

Italian summer

Italian summer

I really like this outfit. I am wearing an oversized t-shirt with a print. Print-Shirts are a very nice thing, but they are a littlebit indeffinable, so that means that I cannot explain what I like so much about them. But I like them. And I already told, that nearly every t-shirt in my wardrobe is bought oversized. That makes simple shirts special. Then I wear the vest. It’s Vintage and with many rivets. That gives the whole a look a little rock feeling. The skirt was one a shirt too. But it was too boring for me because I have so many striped things, so I repurposed it as a skirt. a good idea, I think! The shoes are lent of a friend, so they’re too big for me, maybe you can see it. But they were so beautyful…
More pictures of this wonderful day will follow, but I haven’t found out how to post more pictures. Can anyone help me?

a summerday with hat

a summerday with hat

Isn’t it a wonderful hat that I wear on this photo? I have a big big love for hats and this is quite a very nice one. Simple but also a bit special. When I made this photo it was a windy day and I nearly lost it and that’s why I’m holding the hat. I already told you that I think that denim was one of the best fashion inventions ever and it’s true I’m nearly wearing it every day. On the photo, it’s a shirt and shorts. Then there are my cowboy boots. They are a bit too warm in the summer but I like them anyway. And I shouldn’t forget one of my favourite blouses. This pastel-colourd one looks very soft. I bought it a bit oversized because absolutly adore everything what is oversized ( how to wear oversized pieces? Look at my post fashion rule nomber one). I did a little DIY on this blouse, but I think you cannot see it. There are some green pearls around the neckline, they look very soft too. All in all, that’s wonerful outfit for a wonderful day.