My name is Lou and I am a DIY-lover, a fashion-lover, a travel-lover, a food-lover and a lover of all the little things what make you happy! On my blog indefinableflowerchild I want to write  about all that and about all the things that inspire me.                                                                                         If I should describe my style, I’d say I love Vintage- and DIY-clothes, I mean everything what makes me indefinable. I also love the French elegance paired with colorful and oversized hippi-clothes. I really like simple clothes with some exciting details and of course everything which is comfortable and pretty.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                If you find anything on this blog what you like or dislike or what you want me to write about, just write a comment.

Thank you for passing by, I hope you like indefinableflowerchild!

Grazie e ciao


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