Rules are made to break them!

In a post of mine, Fashion Rule number one, I said that two oversized pieces wouldn’t look ok. But now I say, you have to know the rules, but then you absolutely can break them. Do want you want, no one could that there are some rules, you all should test what you like! On this photo I wear a black oversize top with many gold pearls which looks a bit oriental and a wide and comfortable trousers in Ethno-look, which I really love. All in all, the whole outfit looks oriental and ethno, but not like a sports- or sleeping dress. I paired all that with very nice and comfortable brown sandals which I bought in Venice and my real big love: my red bag! It is big but not too big, it is colorful, but not too colorful it is handy but not boring. Oh, this bag is just great and I think I nearly use it every day. Maybe you see the flower, it’s the same like in my post flowerchild. Here, it’s just a little detail, but I think it makes everything look “more”. I wore this because I wanted to wear something comfortable and with which I feel good. That’s the importance, that you feel good!


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