My personal favourites for this autumn

It’s time for a fashion-update! My holiday in France inspired me to change my look. I would say it’s no hippi-style no more, now it’s hippi-chic. That means I wear oversized pullovers with trenchcoats and boots with typical Coco Chanel jackets. Maybe Shabby-Chic is a better word.

Anyway, autumn is the only season I dislike. I cannot exactly say why, but I mean the sun is shining and it’s cold, it’s not summer and not winter. But this autumn will be different! many things will make me happy, not only fashion, but here are my personal highlights for this autumn. My fashion-favourites:

-a red and a little bit oversized dufflecoat in the sixties style

-an elegant, darkblue trenchcoat which looks very maritim and made fot every weather and every look

-black boots

-again and again: anything which is oversized but this time my big love is a grey and black pullover

-knitting! It’s just so great being creative and it make so much fun!

-military look and colours


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