Wearing denim-shirt with Vintage Leo-scarf and cowboy-boots. I wanted to look like a modern cowgirl mixed with the coolness of being a cowgirl. I was very happy that we found that “Mode”-sign. Translated it’s fashion and this is of course a word I really like! Nice photo, isn’t it? A good friend of mine did it, I think she’s very talented!




La vie est un sommeil,
l’amour est un rêve,
Et si l’amitié ne serait pas
tout serait pour rien
mais comme ca, rien est tous

Rules are made to break them!

In a post of mine, Fashion Rule number one, I said that two oversized pieces wouldn’t look ok. But now I say, you have to know the rules, but then you absolutely can break them. Do want you want, no one could that there are some rules, you all should test what you like! On this photo I wear a black oversize top with many gold pearls which looks a bit oriental and a wide and comfortable trousers in Ethno-look, which I really love. All in all, the whole outfit looks oriental and ethno, but not like a sports- or sleeping dress. I paired all that with very nice and comfortable brown sandals which I bought in Venice and my real big love: my red bag! It is big but not too big, it is colorful, but not too colorful it is handy but not boring. Oh, this bag is just great and I think I nearly use it every day. Maybe you see the flower, it’s the same like in my post flowerchild. Here, it’s just a little detail, but I think it makes everything look “more”. I wore this because I wanted to wear something comfortable and with which I feel good. That’s the importance, that you feel good!


This summer, my friends and me also went to Germany, exactly: Regensburg, a city in Bavaria and we had a real fantastic time. I love this city, with its italian flair, many cafés, lots of possibilities of shopping, the river, the wonderful old houses,…I would really suggest you to spent there some time, too. So, I’ll give you some advice: we slept in a cheap hotel, 20 bus-minutes away, in the DB-Gäste-Haus (     We made a boat tour on the Donau, that’s the river in direction Walhalla, that was very nice                      In Regensburg, you could go shopping all day! There are brands like Zara, Pimkie, or H&M but also some little “unique” stores, where you can find indefinable things Anyway, it was so wonderful!



London’s calling

London's calling

Often it are little things what make you happy and this phone booth brightened up my day! No it wasn’t in London that’s why I was so surprised to see a red phone booth. I took this picture in Bad Ischl, a very little city in Austria, it’s maybe a littlebit boring but quite nice there and by “café Zauner” you can get a fantastic chocolat cake 🙂

My personal favourites for this autumn

It’s time for a fashion-update! My holiday in France inspired me to change my look. I would say it’s no hippi-style no more, now it’s hippi-chic. That means I wear oversized pullovers with trenchcoats and boots with typical Coco Chanel jackets. Maybe Shabby-Chic is a better word.

Anyway, autumn is the only season I dislike. I cannot exactly say why, but I mean the sun is shining and it’s cold, it’s not summer and not winter. But this autumn will be different! many things will make me happy, not only fashion, but here are my personal highlights for this autumn. My fashion-favourites:

-a red and a little bit oversized dufflecoat in the sixties style

-an elegant, darkblue trenchcoat which looks very maritim and made fot every weather and every look

-black boots

-again and again: anything which is oversized but this time my big love is a grey and black pullover

-knitting! It’s just so great being creative and it make so much fun!

-military look and colours